I Am Back in Town Again

Of course my job does not really require me to be any place in particular at this point in time. For a time they wanted me to show up at work every day in spite of the fact that I could do my job any place I had a computer and a good internet connection. Of course if you like to toy around on betting sites and other sorts of adult entertainment there is plenty of reason not to want to show up in the office and sit about in cubicles. As it is now I am going to work about once every one or two weeks. I show up and flirt with a couple of the girls there, tell them a few lies just for fun and then I give a presentation which is usually viewed over the web by other people who never show up at the office for any reason.

In fact the reason is simple. I am paying for the office space that I use and the internet that I use as well. We were completely out of space at our current location. It was an easy decision. Of course I have been enjoying my freedom as best as I can. I figured out that I can work really hard for two days of the week and then just coast through the rest of it. I might even work a little on Saturday or Sunday so that I can finish up all of my work. In the summer time I would hang out by the pool at my brother’s apartment, there were lots of girls who lived there and usually some of them were out there getting a little sun. I would go hiking when I felt like it, although you need to stay close to cell towers which is a problem for that.

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